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Thank you for visiting the Oaktown 8's website to learn about modern square dancing. Our club serves the community of Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont, Richmond, Orinda, and the SF East Bay Area. We were founded as a gay square dance club under the umbrella of the International Association of Gay Square Dancers, but we welcome all - gay, straight, couples and singles. You can dance "boy" or "girl" or both.

Please check out our website or go right to the CLASSES and CALENDAR/SCHEDULE sections to see details of our upcoming events.

Oaktown 8s is more than just a dance club, we have social events as well and are fortunate to have 6 other gay and lesbian local square dance clubs to join for dances and events held just about every week. For an example of square dancing, see the two links below.

Modern Western Square Dancing has a few rules of etiquette you should know and apply.

Members: Please help us promote our dance and recruitment events by posting them on Nextdoor and other social media. You can find instructions for getting set up at Nextdoor and posting events on the instructions page.

Announcements & Events
Spring Tea Dance (Caller TBD) April 7, 2019, 3:00 - 5:30 pm at the Lake Merritt Dance Center
Oaktown 8s Smorgasbord of Callers Spring of 2019
Picnic and Promenade Summer 2019

Watch for the next phase of our New Dancer Program
Oaktown 8s Event photos can be seen at Photos

Yellow Class Graduated on May 16th!

Our Club Callers
Kurt Gollhardt Mike Luna
Club Photos

You can view pictures from Oaktown 8s Events here: Event Pics

Thanks for taking and assembling the albums Richard!

Abstract Math Concepts Spring to Life at UC Square Dancing Club

For an example of modern square dancing, here are two videos to watch:

Tech Squares Patter Call

Tech Squares Singing Call

Our club is celebrating our 12th Anniversary in the Fall of 2016. Our membership is comprised with people whose experience ranges from new dancers through Advanced and various Challenge levels. We dance to floor level (a mixture of Mainstream and Plus, depending on the status of the current or most recent class), with Advanced tips, depending on the floor level. See "About Us" for more history and to join our friends of O8 email list.