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About Us / Membership

Thanking the caller after a TGIF night of dancing

Who We Are
We are a group of individuals who enjoy modern square dancing. This is the first Square Dance Club that many of our students have belonged to. We offer classes at certain times of the year, but we invite people interested to come to our Intro Dance Parties, to get a free taste of square dancing. See our INTRO PAGE for details.

Oaktown 8s is more than just a dance club, we have social events as well and are open to hosting more.

Where We Meet
For regular Club and Class nights we meet at the Lake Merritt Dance Center, Lake Merritt Dance Center, 200 Grand Ave at Harrison, Oakland CA 94610. Bing map here. Other locations will be indicated on our Calendar/Schedule page.

When We Meet
We currently have classes or "club nights" every Wednesday. We may or may not meet on fifth Wednesdays. All visitors welcome. One or Two dances are held annually, usually on Saturdays. Other club activities are held as desired. These may include picnics, theater nights, pool parties, potlucks, movie nights, etc.

Who is our Teacher/Caller
Our club nights are currently called by Mike Luna and Kurt Gollhardt with an occasional visit from other guest callers.

More information about modern Square Dancing

No Partner is required (though couples are welcome)

Anyone may dance "girl" or "boy" which allows people to learn many more calls and makes it a lot of fun.

Alcohol Free environment

Variety of music - You may hear a country tune, but you may also hear rock, disco, Techno, folk or anything from the 50's thru today. The only thing the songs have in comon is you can square dance to them.

Mainstream Class covers approximately 55 calls
Mainstream Plus class consists of approximately 30 calls
Advanced 1 consists of approximately 50 calls
Advanced 2 consists of approximately 36 calls

Square Dancing does require learning calls, which are the building blocks of other calls. It is recommended class members not miss 2 weeks in a row, or more than 4 weeks total as that makes it difficult to learn as well as teach.

No "Traditional" attire required. We dance in street clothes.

Once you have learned to dance, you can dance with thousands of clubs including traditional, modern, and other clubs in the Bay Area, across the US, and the world.

Oaktown8s is a proud member of IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs).


According to by-laws, active membership is open to any person who is in agreement with the stated purpose, policies and regulations of the organization.

An active member must have graduated from a Basic and Mainstream class or be able to demonstrate that he/she can dance at Mainstream level or above. Graduation from Mainstream does not have to be from Oaktown. 

An active member is a member whose annual dues are paid.

Eventhough membership is encouraged, you do not have to be a member to participate in most classes, dances, or any other event sponsored by Oaktown. Everyone, regardless of their membership status, is welcome and encouraged to attend events.

Benefits include:
- A discount on admission to dances and designated club nights
- Elegibility to vote in a general election
- Elegibility for election to a club office.
- Elegibility to wear club badge
- Knowing you are supporting a great club!

Commonly, first time students are not required to join Oaktown as a member. They are in student status until Mainstream graduation, unless stated in dancer program, which may include a one year membership with tuition.

An individual who has graduated from a Mainstream class but wishes to attend Mainstream class again as a student to refresh or renew his/her skills is encouraged to join Oaktown as a member.

Non-dancing memberships are available if, for example, someone is physically unable to dance, but desiring active membership in the club. Ask the Board of Directors for details.

Membership Fees
Annual membership fee is currently $35.00, due in June. Pay by cash, check, or PAY ONLINE. You may pick up a current Membership Registration Form on any class/club night or request that one be mailed to you.

Membership Contact
If you have any other questions regarding membership, or to mail in dues payments, see our contact information below.

Contact Us


Mailing Address
1238 MLK Jr Way, Berkeley CA 94709

If you would like to join our email list to be notified of open houses, introductory nights and upcoming events, please send an email with your name, dance level and email address to info@oaktown8s.orgfacebookJoin us on Facebook