About Oaktown 8s and the New Dancer Program

Starting September 16th at the Marina Community Center in San Leandro.
Sponsored by the San Leandro Rec department. Cost will be $145 per student for 12 classes (with a discount for San Leandro residents).

Oaktown 8s is one of the Modern Square Dance groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are Oakland's friendly, local, gay, straight and otherwise welcoming club. We belong to an international association of gay and lesbian square dance groups, the IAGSDC and welcome everyone who would like to joins us in enjoying Modern Square Dancing.

The aim of the new dancer program is to equip the folks who attend to enjoy Modern Square Dancing. The program will cover all the calls of the Mainstream (first two sections) and Plus (third section) levels. A dancer who has completed the program will be able to dance at events around the Bay Area and around the world.

The dancing and instruction will take place on Saturdays from noon to 2:00 starting Sept. 16, 2017 at the Marina Community Center. The address is

15301 Wicks Blvd.
San Leandro, CA

As an introduction to the class Oaktown is holding two free Intro Dance Parties.

  1. Sat. Sept. 9, 12n - 2pm at the Marina Community Center in San Leandro;
  2. Wed. Sept 13, 7-9pm at the Lake Merritt Dance Center in Oakland
New or experienced, singles, couples or otherwise, everybody's welcome.

Register online at the San Leandro Rec page, or sign up in person. No registration is needed for the Free Intro Dance Parties.

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