Be the Square Dance Culture You Enjoy

by Ken Sale (with help from others) for Oaktown 8s
  • Be a team player! Square dancing is a team endeavor. You can make a big contribution to the enjoyment of the whole team.
  • Focus on the dancing! Once a tip has started help every square by refraining from talking; you'll help make sure everybody can pay attention and hear the caller. Enjoy the chit-chat between tips.
  • Move to the beat! You'll help keep the square synchronized and successful. You can help make what we do dancing, not just arhythmic ambling about.
  • Be gentle! The hand contact is important and helps folks know the formation. The Grip of Death is unpleasant (at best) and potentially injurious.
  • Be ready! When the music starts square right up; you'll help ensure more dancing and less standing.
  • Be friendly! (but not too much). some folks like hugs, some folks not so much; be sensitive and not intrusive (or creepy).
  • Be Dancing! When a square breaks down focus on getting home or making normal lines; your team will be able to spend more time dancing and less time standing.
  • Be fully functional! Don't dance impaired; show folks you're fully there for the team.
  • Listen! to the caller. You'll be helping ensure the success of your square.
  • If you help, do it agreeably! If you feel a need to direct a dancer be sure that you are correct, and be gentle in your assistance. A proffered hand or a quiet word are better than a push, or a tug, or a bark.